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About Washington

Washington is the capital of the United States and one of the most touristic cities in the country. Home to the U.S government, the city is famous for the White House and Capitol Building among other major architectural landmarks. It also draws your attention with its intersecting roads, planned grid system that enables easy navigation, large squares and parks and historical buildings. It is a quite orderly city and public transportation networks are widespread. 
In addition to the White House and Capitol, the National Mall (a long and narrow park), the Lincoln Memorial, the National Air and Space Museum and the National Museum of Natural History may be visited. While most tourists prefer to stay close to the National Mall, thanks to the city's bus and metro system you can also stay in hotels around Dupont Circle or Georgetown. Washington is located in mild subtropical climatic zone. Summers are hot and humid while winters are generally cold. 
3 airports provide services in Washington. Ronald Reagan Airport is the nearest airport to the city and access to the city center takes about 15 minutes. The transportation from Dulles and Baltimore-Washington International Airport to the city center takes about 45 minutes. There are shuttle services operating from all 3 airports. If you want, you can also rent a car. 


Transportation to Washington City Center from Airport

Baltimore Airport

There are different transportation alternatives to reach the city center from Baltimore Airport that is 54 kilometers away from Washington city center and 16 kilometers away from Baltimore center. These alternatives include taxi, bus, train, metro-bus, transfer car and car rental.


You can travel to the city center quickly by taking a taxi from the terminal building at Baltimore Airport. The taxis are designed to be extremely safe and comfortable, so you can easily and cozily go from the airport to Washington center.


You can choose from three different bus lines to travel from Baltimore Airport to the city center. The first of these is the buses called RTA. You can travel in the Central Maryland every day of the week by these buses. Another bus line is the ICC. You can travel between the Gaithersburg Park and the Montgomery region by these buses. The final bus line is the buses number 17 and 99 at your service. You can easily travel by these buses that allow you to go to many places in the city.


Metrobuses are at your service as the buses that allow you to travel between Baltimore Airport and the nearest metro station. You can easily reach the station with a metrobus, which runs every day of the week and departs every 40 minutes.


Train is one of the best transportation options in terms of being both economical and fast. You can choose from different train alternatives as Amtrak, MARC and Light Rail trains. In order to travel by all these trains, you need to go to Marshall Railway Station, which is 1 mile from Baltimore Airport. To reach this station, you can board the buses departing every 12 minutes at Baltimore Airport.

Transfer Car

You easily reach wherever you want to go thanks to transfer facilities that allow you to go to city centers, luxury hotels and individually planned places. You can travel to different parts of the city through the transfer car services provided by the Bayrunner, Supreme and Courtesy companies at the airport.

Rent a car

In order to reach the city center, you may want to rent a car from the companies at Baltimore Airport in which a separate section hosting car rental companies for the passengers. You can travel comfortably by choosing a suitable car at the airport at which different brands and models are offered. Avis, Flightcar, Alamo, Hertz, Budget, National, Dollar, Nextcar, Enterprise, Payless and Thrifty are among the car rental companies you can prefer.

Last Updated: 21 Dec 2016

Dulles Intl Airport

There are a number of transport options to get you from Dulles Airport, located in the Virginia area, 42 miles west of Washington, to city centers. While there are options such as taxi, bus, metrobus and car rental among the transportation options you will prefer on the highway, the metro is among the transportation options you would prefer on the railway.


You can easily get to the city center from Dulles Airport by a taxi, without having to make a reservation, which you can easily find from the main terminal building at the airport. You can reach the city center quickly, comfortably and reliably thanks to taxis that are at your service 24 hours a day, every day of the week. You can pay your taxi fare in cash or by credit card. You can also choose between smoking or non-smoking vehicles, wheelchair-accessible vehicles, or vehicles allowing pets, depending on your needs.

Washington Flyer

The Washington Flyer group, which has various transportation options in Washington metropolitan area, offers various ways of transportation to the passengers. These include taxis, buses and minibuses. With the Washington Flyer Taxi, which operates every hour of the day, you can quickly and reliably get to the city center. The Washington Flyer express buses are at your service as a vehicle that allows you to travel between the metro stop and Dulles Airport. With the Washington Flyer Shared-Ride minibuses, you have the opportunity to travel to numerous destinations along with other passengers.


City buses are another option you can choose to get to the city center from Dulles Airport. Buses 981 and 983, referred to as the Fairfax Connector, can be found in front of the airport. With these buses you can get to your destination more economically than other options.


You can go to the city center quickly and economically with the metrobus that allows you to travel faster than the buses. You can take the metrobus travelling between the Rosslyn VA and L'Enfant Plaza from the metrobus stop at the airport.


You can travel to the city center and many other destinations quickly with the metro that you can take from the Silver Line Metro Station, the closest one to Dulles Airport. To get to the station from the airport, you can use the Washington Flyer bus at the airport.

Car Rental

You can choose to go to Washington center by renting a car from the car rental offices located at the main terminal at Dulles Airport. Thanks to the cars, which you can rent with or without driver, you can go wherever you want comfortably without being dependent on anyone. Some of the car rental companies at the airport are Advantage, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National and Thrifty.

Last Updated: 07 Feb 2017

R Reagan Nat Airport

You have a lot of alternatives you can prefer to reach the city center from Ronald Reagan Airport, which is located close to Washington center, only a 5-kilometer distance. You can take a taxi or you can choose from various transportation alternatives such as bus, metro, shuttle and car rental.


You can go to the city center from Ronald Reagan Airport quickly without waiting by taking a taxi that is at your service 24 hours 7 days at the airport. The taxis in Washington are also accessible for disabled passengers using wheelchair and you can pay taxi fare by credit card, as well as you can pay cash.


You can travel to the city center in a fast, affordable and comfortable way by metro that you can board from B and C terminals of Ronald Reagan Airport. You can easily reach wherever you want thanks to metro that is in service from the early hours of the morning every day of the week.

Shared Rice Shuttle Services

You can prefer to go to the city center by SuperShuttle and Supreme transfer shuttle services that you can take from A, B and C terminal building at Ronald Reagan Airport. You can comfortably reach the city center thanks to these shuttle services that offer high comfort level with the spacious interior area and state-of-the-art equipment.

Rent a car

Another way to get to Ronald Reagan Airport from the city center is to rent a car. You can have a good time by renting a car that will allow you to quickly go to the city center after a comfortable and pleasant journey.

Last Updated: 21 Feb 2017