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About Westerland

Situated on the northern shores of Germany, Westerland is a holiday destination thanks to its charming houses and historic atmosphere. Situated on Sylt Island on the North Sea, Westerland is one of the most important tourist resorts in this region. Westerland is located about 200 km from Hamburg and 70 km from Husum and Flensburg.

Westerland’s economy is predominantly tourism oriented. The wonderful hotels in the region and the beautiful beaches attract a significant amount of tourists on holiday both from Germany and other European countries. Westerland is known as the “Beverly Hills of Germany” due to all its natural beauty and vibrant lifestyle. The sea in Westerland is uniquely beautiful. You can go swimming, enjoy water sports such as diving or surfing, or take an exciting journey on a speedboat.

The shoreline and long sandy beaches in Westerland are ideal for those who want to swim and sunbathe. There are also a number of concerts and festivals that are organized in the area. These events, which take place mostly in the summer months, attract many participants from other parts of the country as well.

Historical sights you should definitely see during your visit to Westerland include the 17th century St. Niels Lutheran church and the St. Nicolai Church, which is particularly alluring with its vibrant red façade. Whatever time of the year you choose to visit the city, it will be enjoyable and fun. If you come here in the summer months, which most visitors consider to be the most beautiful season of the year, you can enjoy all the beauty of Westerland and its surroundings.

Transportation to Westerland City Center from Airport


Sylt Airport serves air travel to and from Westerland and is located only 2 km east of the city center. There are a variety of transportation alternatives available to get to Westerland from the airport including shuttles, city buses, taxis, or rental car.


City buses provide convenient transportation between Sylt Airport and Westerland. Buses are the only public transport option available. Compared to other means of transportation buses provide a more affordable service to Westerland. Airport buses are another option since they provide transportation to stops at most of the central parts of Westerland. Private shuttle buses are another alternative you could use to get to Westerland from the airport.


Taxis are a convenient alternative to get to Westerland and are prefer among locals and tourists. Since Sylt Airport is located such a short distance from the center of Westerland taking a taxi is an affordable option. Taxis are a more preferred means of transport than buses because they are both economical and convenient. The yellow taxis are readily available at the airport exit. It takes as little as 3 minutes to get to Westerland from Sylt Airport by taxi.

Rental Car

There are many local and international rental car companies that have offices at Sylt Airport. These companies offer reasonably priced alternatives. Since the airport is located in such close proximity to Westerland, most rental car companies offer the option of renting a vehicle for 1-hour. All you need to do is make a reservation 1-2 hours before your arrival.

There are 3 different routes you can take to drive to Westerland from Sylt Airport. It takes 9 minutes to get to Westerland via Bastianstraße, 7 minutes via the L24, and 6 minutes via Bahnweg.

Last Updated: 28 Jan 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flights to Westerland?

Wingie directly gathers and compares instant data of all airlines that have flights from your preferred departure point to your Westerland destination. You can see all Westerland flights together for the date you are looking for and choose the most suitable flight ticket.

To which airport are the flights to Westerland arranged?

Westerland flights are organized to Sylt Airport.