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About Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake is located in Texas, the United States of America. Eagle Lake is an important region in terms of agriculture. Its main economical products are rice, cotton and grain along with sand extracted from mines in the surrounding area. The city has its own airport. Although it is a small town, there are several cafes, restaurants and bars in Eagle Lake.

Eagle Lake has a high level of rainfall throughout the year and has a cold climate in general. In winter the temperature can be as low as -10 degrees. During summer months it is 17-18 degrees. There is heavy rainfall in July and August, whereas in February there is less rainfall.

In Eagle Lake, there is a lake, which has the same name of the city and is the largest of Texas State. There are wide rice fields around the lake. These fields are home to many migratory birds. This is the most important element that attracts not only photographers but also hunting and birdwatching enthusiasts. Eagle Lake is accepted as the goose hunting center of the world. Every year during the migration of geese, many tourists come to the city. However, apart from these, there are many other activities to be made in this city. It is possible to see crocodiles in this neighborhood. Nature walks are among the most enjoyable activities of tourists. There is also a large golf course in the city. Tennis courts also welcome tourists. Eagle Lake Central Park is also a nice resting and walking center where you can also have a picnic.

Eagle Lake is a small town with all kinds of opportunities, especially for nature lovers. Most importantly, Eagle Lake has the characteristics of bringing people having common pleasures together.

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