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About Palestine

Palestine, which is one of the cities of the state of Texas and known as the place where the biggest part of the Columbia spacecraft was found after the crash causing the death of the eight astronauts, is a very important city in the country in terms of space researches.

The city is home to the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility where high-altitude balloons belonging to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are sent to the atmosphere. Palestine, which is also the center of Anderson County of the East Texas, became a growing country with the railway passing through the city in 1870s. The railway which is today very important for the transportation to the city creates the theme of one of the important museums of the city. The Texas State Railroad Society Museum is located in Palestine. The Museum for East Texas Culture and Curious Museum are also located in the city.

There is also a university developed in the field of space researches. In Palestine, which is a very important city in terms of space researches, there is also an airport. The airport, which is 10 kilometers west of the city, is located near the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility.

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