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Braunschweig is the second largest city in the state of Lower Saxony, Germany. During the Holy Roman Empire the state was established as Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel. With the 1815 Congress of Vienna it was separated from the Duchy of Braunschweig-Lüneburg, to which it had been bound since the Middle Ages, and it was made an independent ducal. Today the city has a population of around 250 thousand. Half of the population of the city is made up of Germans, and the other half is made up of Turks, Poles, Bulgarians, Indians and Arabs.

Technology and R&D create the modern face of the city. The foundations for color TV and the high-speed monorail Transrapid were laid here. The history of Braunschweig dates back 1,000 years. One of the city’s most historic structures is the 12th century Brunswick Cathedral, located near the historic city center, Burgplatz. The powerful Saxon duke Henry the Lion is buried here. Another is the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, one of Europe’s oldest art museums. Braunschweig is home to North Germany’s largest carnival Schoduvel, which is held every year. Among places to see are, of  course the Brunswick Cathedral also known as Braunschweiger Dom, Happy Rizzi House, and Prinz-Albrecht-Park. Braunschweig was a nominee city to be the “European Capital of Culture 2010”. 

Transportation to Braunschweig/Wolfsburg City Center from Airport

Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport, located in Northern Germany, is only used as an airport for private jets. The airport no longer operates regular scheduled flights. Hannover Airport is the closest international airport that serves both the city of Braunschweig and the city of Wolfsburg.

Transportation to Braunschweig/Wolfsburg City Center from Hannover Airport

Hannover Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in Northern Germany. There are a variety of transportation alternatives to get to Braunschweig or Wolfsburg from Hannover Airport. You can get to Braunschweig city center and Wolfsburg city center from the airport by taxi, rental car, or train.

Hannover Airport is located 95 km from the city of Wolfsburg. It takes about 1 hour to get to Wolfsburg from Hannover Airport. That can vary depending on the method of transportation you choose.

Hannover Airport is located approximately 70 km from the city of Braunschweig. Other transportation alternatives to get to both cities from Hannover Airport include shuttle services, transfer vehicles, and limousines. People who are traveling in large groups tend to prefer these transportation alternatives.


The railway station at Hannover Airport is located in Terminal C. The train from Hannover Airport to Hannover City Center takes about 18 minutes. You can easily purchase train tickets from the station.

Once you get to the main railway station in Hannover you can transfer to a train to Braunschweig or Wolfsburg. It takes about an hour and half to get to both cities by train. The fact that the airport is directly served by train makes getting to the city center easy and affordable.


Buses are another transportation alternative to get to Hannover city center, from where you have to transfer to another vehicle to get to Braunschweig or Wolfsburg. You can take the bus from the airport to the central train station or to the main bus station, where you can transfer to a bus to Braunschweig or Wolfsburg. Buses are an alternative method of transportation to trains but keep in mind that trains are more advantageous than buses in terms of cost and speed.

Rental Car

Renting a car from Hannover Airport is a great transportation alternative to get to Braunschweig or Wolfsburg. Renting a car is one of the fastest and most convenient options. Rental car companies are located between terminals A and B in the arrivals hall at the airport. Rental car companies that you can choose from include AVIS, Hertz, Sixt, Europcar, Enterprise and Volkswagen Financial Service. We recommend renting a car with a GPS device to help navigate your way. If it is your first time driving along this route we recommend checking the traffic conditions and alternate route options in advance.

Airport Shuttle Services

Airport shuttle services depart from in front of Hannover Airport and usually provide transportation to the city’s central locations. However, you can also use airport shuttle services as a transportation alternative to get to Braunschweig or Wolfsburg by making a reservation ahead of time.

The most important advantage of airport shuttle services when compared to trains and buses is that they provide fast, door-to-door transportation to both cities.

Transfer Vehicles

Transfer vehicle services also provide transportation from Hannover Airport to central locations in the city. These services are ideal for people traveling in large groups. Transfer vehicle services also provide transportation from Hannover Airport to Braunschweig or Wolfsburg. If you can make a reservation for transfer services online in advance then your vehicle will be ready for you once you land. Transfer vehicles come with a chauffeur so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. The rate for transfer vehicles is more economical if you make a round trip reservation.

Hotel Shuttle Services

Certain hotels provide their guests with shuttle services to and from the airport. The hotels located in close proximity to Hannover Airport generally provide this service free of charge. While these services are usually provided by hotels that are located close to the airport some hotels in Braunschweig or Wolfsburg might provide this service. We recommend contacting the hotel you are staying at to see if they offer airport shuttle services.

Limousine Rental

Limousines are another transportation alternative for traveling from Hannover Airport to the surrounding areas. Limousines are a convenient and elite transportation alternative that provides door-to-door service. It takes about 1 hour to get to Braunschweig or Wolfsburg from Hannover Airport by limousine. We recommend making a reservation online or over the phone in advance. If you did not make a reservation beforehand there are information counters at the airport where you can get assistance.

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